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Diligente is a search tool that provides the ability to carry out a review of a portfolio of properties and determine if there are any exposures to defective titles. The IT platform does this by interrogating various data sets from Land Registry, planning and highways data to flood and contamination. It then identifies all of the properties within the portfolio that are affected by title related issues and confirms the insurability of each under a Portfolio Title Indemnity insurance policy.

Due Diligence Assistance is a fast and robust alternative to sampling a small number of properties in a portfolio. It provides buyers with a high level understanding of the quality of title to an entire collection and the cost of insurance solutions available to address risks that are present within the property schedule.

The Process

Whilst we are able to design individual legal indemnity policies to satisfy most title issues, the following provides an example of the solutions that we have readily available to you and your customer base:

The Benefits

  • 24 hour turnaround from submission
  • Removal of human error from the due diligence process
  • The ability to extract, collate and interrogation large volumes of information quickly and easily
  • Risks identified during the title interrogation can subsequently be removed by an indemnity policy sourced by M&P Insurance Solutions


What does Diligente identify?


Land Data


Property Summary Address
Existing charges
Property Data Subject to Existing Lease
Land Removed from Title
Grade of Title-Absolute
Grade of Title-Qualified
Provision or Other
Term of Lease
Third Party Interest
Freehold Flat
Right to Buy
Home Rights
Death of Proprietor
Length of Ownership
Multiple Titles
Personal Covenants
Price Paid
Additional Leasehold info
Additional Property Info
Insurable Risks Grade of Title-Possessory
Grade of Title-Good Leasehold
Restrictive Covenants
Change of Repair Liability
Flying Freehold
Rent Charges
Mineral Rights
Enlargement of Lease


Planning Data


Address 1 High Street, Sample Town, Sampleshire, AA12 3BBB
Planning Authority Tower Hamlets
Application Date 01/01/15
Application Summary Change of use from residential flats to commercial offices
Proposed Use B1
Application Status Granted
Applicant and Agent Mr. C L Smith


Companies House


Company Name Property Data Ltd
Company Number 0112233
Company Status Active
Company Type Private Limited Company
Nature of Business 68320 – Management of real estate
Previous Name Change House Data Ltd


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