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An un-timely death can put terrible strain on both a family and a business. A large number of people, even those of a significant net worth, fail to properly assess these consequences often taking the view that it will never happen to them. As well as the emotional pain, early death can have severe financial implications. What if the deceased is the main breadwinner and there is no one to cover the monthly outgoings such as the mortgage, council tax and car finance. What if they were the owner of a small to medium sized business without a significant middle management? Who would keep the business coming in and the customers happy?

A life insurance policy can be arranged to provide the financial support necessary in just these circumstances. With the premium payable either by the individual directly or through the business as a tax deductible expense, a life insurance policy would pay out a tax free, lump sum upon the death of an insured individual at any point during the policy terms. Furthermore, it is possible to extend the policy to include cover should the insured suffer a form of critical illness, as defined in the policy, even if this does not result in death making it very helpful for such illnesses as some cancers.


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