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M&P insurance Solutions provided the best experience I have ever had with an insurance broker. They were easy to approach, had a good offering, with pragmatic solutions and they were very supportive in difficult situations. I can warmly recommend M&P and I would still use their services if I still lived in the UK.” Wolfgang Maehr, Private Client


“We were extremely grateful for the swift and professional service we received from M&P Insurance Solutions. Their initial survey of our business requirements was thorough and the options presented to us were done so in a clear and jargon-free manner. Richard’s suggestions and guidance left us feeling confident that we were choosing the best fit for our business. The M&P Insurance Solutions team are friendly and efficient. We are extremely happy with the service.” Director of Martin Castle Ltd


“We have been extremely pleased with the level of service we have received over the past few years from M&P Insurance. On the few occasions we have had to call the office, we have always been dealt with promptly and Brad is always on the end of the phone with great knowledge of our business to answer any questions.”

Director of American Car Hire


“We have had mixed experiences in the past with trying to get insurance cover for such a niche area but Richard made the process very easy. Everything was patiently explained and he always made me feel like I was one of his most important customers which is quite a skill. The experience has made me think about my own customer care which falls way short of that which I received from M&P Insurance. My customer experience was so positive that I almost forgot to mention the price, which was very competitive as well. I would definitely recommend Richard and M&P Insurance Solutions to any of my peers.”

Managing Director of Urban Green Space 


Our group consists of 6 organisations, some of which have differing activities and needs. M&P Insurance Solutions have been very helpful in navigating the insurance market and finding us combined insurance policies to suit all the companies and save money. I would not hesitate in recommending M & P Insurance Solutions.

Director of The FFS Group Ltd


We have been pleased with the way M&P have handled our business requirements and obtained competitive terms. There have been no major issues – we find changing the vehicles via email easy and convenient and we would be pleased to continue to use M&P Insurance in the future.”

Owner of Solo & Essex Car Rentals


From day one I have been impressed by Richard at M&P Insurance Solutions.  His professional but friendly approach makes doing business easy. He was able to assist me in reducing our premium significantly and the process was simple.  He is easily contactable and it’s nice to have a one-one service. Having a direct line to him is great.  I know that if I have any questions he will always make time to answer them quickly.

Secretary of Theydon Bois Golf Club


“I am very happy with the service that M&P have provided over the last three years. They have access to a wider range of markets than most other brokers we’ve come across and then work hard to negotiate the best value for us.

Our Account Manager Brad is proactive and works hard to deal with any issues we encounter as they arise, and will challenge the status quo when it does not make commercial sense. Brad also provides insight into initiatives other providers in the market are having success from.

During a difficult time, when our underwriter went into administration, M&P were approachable and accessible. Whilst their influence was limited, they were happy to offer support and guidance where possible, and I appreciated the direct contact and support of their Finance Director. In my experience it is unusual for a board member to roll their sleeves up and engage directly with their clients.”

Director of A2B Self Drive


It has been a pleasure in dealing with Richard at M&P Insurance Solutions. The service was both swift and efficient in providing the levels of cover we required for our business. We were also advised on covers which we needed to protect our balance sheet.

Co Director of Vertica Ltd


“I have a car rental business in a volatile environment, with insurance being the hardest to acquire.

With the help of M&P Insurance Solutions, obtaining insurance for a very high risk type of business was a breeze. No hassle or red tape, all with the help of Anita who is always on hand if needed offering instant advice, guidance and direction on any issues.

A pleasure to work with such an approachable individual.”

Director of ADH Enterprising limited

Case Studies

Client: Multi-site Self Drive Hire fleet operator

Problem: An increase in the number and severity of motor claims being reported

Requirement: To assist our client in reducing the claims frequency and their associated costs


  • Risk Management
    – Training was provided for all staff to ensure the correct processes are being followed
    – Clientele vetting process agreed
    – Accident report process explained correctly to all hirers
    – Accident Report Forms to be completed in full by the hirers
    – First Notification Of Loss (F.N.O.L) process training drivers to report the accident at the roadside
  • Claims Analysis
    – Monthly claims report issued to each site
    – Trends and patterns analysed by Account Executive and discussed with each site
  • Policy Review
    – Review the insured vehicles to assess if the clients’ risk can be reduced


Client: HGV repair specialist

ProblemClient had inadvertently let their previous insurance policy lapse and were uninsured.

Requirement: An urgent review of the business insurance requirements and a proposal for a comprehensive insurance policy which could be incepted as soon as possible.


The day after receiving the call, our Account Executive met with the client and several hours later an action plan was drawn up.

After issuing market presentations to our panel of A rated insurers, we were able to offer a fully comprehensive Motor Traders Combined policy backed by Allianz Insurance. This policy provided cover for their existing fleet of all vehicles and £50,000 of tools and equipment for each of the vehicles. Previously this had been insured on separate policies, but we were able to save the client several thousand pounds by combining their requirements into a single policy.

The Client was very happy with the service provided and has since recommended the M&P Insurance team to their contacts and associates.


Client: Garden Design & Maintenance Services

Problem: The insurance brokerage the client was using at the time relied upon protracted telephone conversations in order to gain information about the Client’s business activity. The Client was looking for a more personal approach.

Requirement: To review the Client’s insurance needs and satisfy the Client’s requirements for a more personal approach.

Resolution: A meeting with the Client was arranged where our Account Executive evaluated the Client’s insurance needs and explained our services throughout the policy period.

A proposal was provided and the Client took up a fleet insurance policy for six commercial vehicles. Shortly afterwards the Client also obtained insurance policies through M&P for both Directors and Officers Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

Feedback from the client:

The whole experience has been very refreshing in a time of large, impersonal call centres. Richard is always quick to respond to any queries or questions, recently dealing with a difficult fleet insurance policy matter within a few hours of my initial call.

I would highly recommend Richard from M & P Insurance Solutions for all your business insurance requirements.

Adam, Director


Client: Haulage Contractor

Problem: The client was looking for insurance cover on a growing fleet of lorries, specialising in the transportation of large, industrial generators holding up to 1,000 litres of hazardous fuel.

Requirement: To source comprehensive, fleet insurance cover.


– M&P sourced a specialist fleet insurance policy including coverage for trailers and the handling of hazardous materials.

– Reduced the overall premium

– Provided Goods in Transit cover

We have continued to help the client manage their insurance program which has seen them further diversify their fleet to include vehicles capable of heavy lifting and more efficient working.


Client: Overseas Private Client

Problem:Our client required cover for £8,000,000 of contents, including in excess of £3,000,000 of fine art and £2,000,000 of jewellery, whilst in transit from Asia to Europe.

Requirement:Competitive and comprehensive terms from an insurer capable of covering a large sum of personal assets.

Resolution:We carried out a full market review and found the typical, marine insurers unwilling to provide a cargo policy for personal assets particularly due to number of them being of a fragile nature.

We were able to persuade a specialist home insurer to provide terms for the full inventory of items, at an extremely low rate, both whilst in transit and once arrived at the final destination.



Client: Commercial vehicle and fleet management services provider

Problem:The client had been with same broker for fourteen years. There had been no site visits or renewal review for four years. The client had two policies for combined liability and Motor Trade Road Risks, but no cover for material damage, business interruption or the tools and plant which employees carried in the company’s vehicles.

Requirement:An urgent review of the business insurance requirements and a proposal for a combined Motor Traders insurance policy, which would properly protect the company’s assets.

An urgent fact find meeting was arranged at the insureds premises with the Managing Director and Site Manager to establish their requirements.

After issuing market presentations to our panel of A rated insurers, we were able to offer a fully comprehensive Motor Traders Combined policy backed by Aviva Insurance. The policy provided comprehensive cover as well as extensions to cover tools in transit and a management liability at a price which was less than the client had budgeted.

The client was extremely happy with the price and the service provided and has since recommended the M&P Insurance team to their contacts and associates.


Client: Toys, Games & Sporting Goods Manufacturer

Problem: The client is involved in product design with worldwide distribution to large global organisations, resulting in some very complex exposures. The Client had previously been charged in excess of the fair market rate with another broker, which had led them to be very wary of using a new broker.

Requirement: To gain the Client’s trust by explaining our processes and ensuring they understood that we would present all the quotations we received, irrespective of whether they provided additional income for M&P. To source alternative cover for their complex insurance requirements, at a competitive price.

ResolutionAfter having a face to face discussion with our Account Executive and understanding the consultative, advice led approach that M&P offer, the Client was comfortable to allow us to review their requirements and existing insurance policies. Once we had completed our audit, we were able to eliminate the need for one policy by combining it with another, whilst retaining the same level of coverage. As a result of this and our extensive relationships with a broad range of A rated insurers, we were able to provide the client with a 43% saving on the premium paid in the previous year.


Client: Multi-site Self Drive Hire fleet operator

Problem: A hirer was adamant they were not involved in what was potentially a staged incident.

The main problem was that, whilst the claimant always has to prove negligence has occurred, most insurers will apply a standard claims reserve to the policyholder’s claims history whilst the incident is investigated. These provisions will have a minimum holding period of nine months and can have a huge impact on the renewal premium, considering that a basic personal injury reserves will generate equate to £5,000 per claimant.

Requirement: The incident allegedly happened in Scotland and the rental car was released in Leicester. The Client’s dedicated Account Executive offered to assist the client with the investigation of this suspicious claim, to ensure that their claims history was not negatively impacted.

Resolution: By using the various pieces of documentary information available to us, we were able to show that the third party had seen our vehicle on the road and used it as a target. This together with the lack of evidence from the third party to support their version of events, meant the claim was repudiated. The claimant was also subsequently linked to other fraudulent claims.

An excellent result for our Client and the insurance companies involved!


Client: Private Client

Problem: The Client moved to a new home in central London, which had no garage. Due to the recent theft of the clients Range Rover, the insurer required all of the Clients vehicles to be garaged and fitted with tracking systems.

Requirement: To negotiate a compromise with the insurer which would allow the Client to be able to keep their vehicles at the new premises, without the need for having to buy or rent a separate garage.

Resolution: After speaking with the insurer we managed to negate the need for garaging by proposing the installation of an on board diagnostics port protector. This device blocks access to the vehicles computer, stopping thieves from bypassing the vehicles built in security.


Client: Legal Services

Problem: The client had difficulties in obtaining a suitable professional indemnity insurance policy which would offer the necessary level of cover for the wide range of legal services being provided.

Requirement: A meeting was arranged to discuss the clients’ demands and needs and we helped advise the client on the most appropriate level of cover.

Resolution: Market presentations were sent to our panel of A rated insurers, who specialise in providing professional indemnity cover for the legal sector. After a comprehensive review of the quotes provided by the insurers, we were able to offer £5m of professional indemnity liability cover along with £1m of management liability insurance, at a price which was under budget. The client was extremely happy with the price and the service provided and has since recommended the M&P Insurance team to their contacts and associates.


Client: Wholesale Rice and Vegetable Distributors

Problem: The Client was finding it difficult to obtain a new fleet insurance policy.

Requirement: The Client required a new motor fleet insurance policy for wholesale Rice and Vegetable distribution throughout London.

They outsourced their distribution to a local logistics firm and wanted to bring this in-house, however they didn’t hold any evidence of no claims bonus or claims experience on the vehicles.

Resolution: M&P insurance Solutions were able to quote an A-rated insurer for a small fleet policy due to a strong, historic relationship with the insurer.

The Client confirms that the cover meets their demands and needs and they are pleased they have the security of it being a London based A-rated insurer. M&P Insurance Solutions also sourced Goods in Transit cover to protect the clients’ goods whilst on the road.

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