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The Future is Now

2018 10 16

We are all familiar with futuristic, fantasy films such as i-Robot and Blade Runner. They often feature vehicles packed with exciting technology such as large interactive screens, cameras, internet access and GPS tracking. The way they are positioned in the films, these items seem like they are light years away from being accessible to the average motorist, however a lot of the technology featured in those films is in fact available to us today and so the question has to be asked, why haven’t we embraced it?

Recently, a longstanding client of M&P hired a car to a professional and affable individual. This particular business was one of the first in the UK to adopt tracking devices upon our advice many years ago and they now have them installed in every vehicle on their fleet. A few days later, the tracking software alerted our client to the fact that their vehicle was now in Europe. After an initial panic and some frantic phone calls, our client was able to recover their vehicle and safely return it to the U.K. If they hadn’t had the tracking device, they would have lost an asset that was worth over £20,000.

At the side of a football pitch on a sunny Saturday morning, I asked 10 parents about the technology in their cars. Only three have dashboard mounted cameras and two have GPS trackers installed. Without looking too hard, a full HD dash camera is available to buy for less than £40 and a GPS tracking unit for less than £30. So why with such cheap technology on the market has it not become the top of everyone’s agenda?

I believe that people won’t embrace the technology until they experience a serious loss or incident where the technology could have saved them a lot of time, effort and money. I would welcome some form of legislation from the government that makes this sort of technology a requirement in all new cars over the coming years, so as to help eradicate unnecessary claims costs for insurers and losses for clients. Unfortunately, due to not one manufacturer wanting to take the plunge and incurring costs which in turn make their main stream cars more expensive than their competitors, I feel that we could be waiting a long time for anything like this to become the norm.

Daniel Edwards – Commercial Account Manager

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